I have an old application using Log4j 1.2.x and we're using Log4j 1.2
Bridge from Log4j 2.17.2 to mitigate some vulnerabilities while
minimizing source code changes.
The application uses Log4j v1 properties file for configuration.

We developed a custom appender by extending RollingFileAppender and
it's contained in its own JAR file.
With all components in place (log4j-api.jar, log4j-1.2-api.jar,
log4j-core.api, custom-appender.jar) most of the properties are
processed and appenders, layouts are created.
However this warning appears (application launched with -Dlog4j2.debug=true):
WARN StatusLogger Unable to load plugin class name
com.mycompany.log4j.CustomAppender with key

And then the maxFileSize for log files and backup index files are messed up.

I found the "packages" attribute from Configuration but I was not able
to make it work:
1. given that we're not using an XML or JSON configuration file I
don't know how to set the "packages" property for Configuration in a
log4j v1 properties file
2. tried system variable

Thank you.

Pablo Rogina

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