Hello log4j-users,

for the environments i‘d like to have different levels with log4j
2.17. I use arbiter with xml syntax that’s functional:


*How do I do it with properties syntax?*

I tried many options after read
>From this part of the docs:

“Unlike the base components, when creating subcomponents you cannot
specify an element containing a list of identifiers. Instead, you must
define the wrapper element with its type as is shown in the policies
definition in the rolling file appender below. You then define each of
the subcomponents below that wrapper element, as the
TimeBasedTriggeringPolicy and SizeBasedTriggeringPolicy are defined

And the example for the wrapping:


My try in properties syntax:


No errors in the debug logs. But also no creation of the property.

The jvm started with option -Denv=test.

Thanks for your help!



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