I have a problem with shutting down log4j2 in a Java EE environment, which does 
not include servlets.
Currently my code for shutting down log4j2 is located in a Singleton Startup 
Bean in a @PreDestroy annotated method.

public static void shutDown() {

This did not work however. It looks like the log4j is shutting down only to be 
started up again.
This restart prevents our application from undeploying, leaving all the loaded 
classes on the server.
My current assumption is  the restart happens,  because of something in our 
application is calling LogManager.getLogger(clazz) after LogManager.shutdown() 
is called.

Therefore we came up with this workaround:

public static void shutDown() {

    Configurator.reconfigure(new NullConfiguration());

It prevents the instantiation of the appenders and async loggers and replacing 
the current config with a NullConfiguration.
The restart still takes place, but it does not prevent the undeplyoment any 
more (when getting rid of existing MBeans).

Is there a more elegant solution, maybe getting rid of the restart in the first 

Best regards

Rene Schindler


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