It's not a bug per-se, but I think it's definitely worth putting something up onto regarding how ThreadContext and LogicalThreadContext are both completely unsuitable for use within ASP.Net.

Otherwise naive developers (myself previously included) might accidentally do something like set the ThreadContext up in the Application_BeginRequest event, and wonder why things are being logged against the wrong context under load.

(For anyone who's still blissfully unaware of this particular gotcha, ASP.Net can switch threads during a request's lifetime, and the *only* thing that goes to the new thread is the HttpContext. More light reading: )

Personally I'd like to see log4net have an 'AdaptiveContext' / 'UserContext' that implemented a context store in HttpContext if available, or CallContext else (so log4net callers in business layers don't have to know anything about what environment they're running in), but I'm content with my 'fill GlobalContext with provider objects' workaround for now, I just want to spare others the pain.
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