Hi All,
I'm just looking into an odd issue.  I have an EventLogAppender being
configured in C#.  If I set this up to append to the "Application" log
all is fine.
However, when I ask it to create a custom event log called LogTest its
not working as expected.
Now the obvious thing is that the process doesn't have permissions ...
it does.  It created the new LogTest event log without problems but
never writes to it ...
>From reading the log4net docs it would seem that if I can create the log
(which I can) it stands to reason that it should also be able to write
to it.
This isn't an ASPNET process either, its a desktop windows application
... the C# that configures the LogAppender is:
public static void ConfigureEventLogAppender(string appName, string
    PatternLayout layout = GetDefaultLayout();
    _eventLogAppender = new EventLogAppender();
    _eventLogAppender.ApplicationName = appName;
    _eventLogAppender.Layout = layout;
    _eventLogAppender.LogName = logName;
    _eventLogAppender.Threshold = Level.Off;

I can only assume that I'm missing something in this setup process but I
can't see anything in the Xml versions of configuration that suggest
what to do ...


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