I have a faculty member that wants to give more points for first attempt, and 
reduce after that. We contacted Gerd and he gave us information on doing it in 
the Spreadsheet, but the issue is our grade sync to Blackboard Learn would 
ignore any of those calculations and only take the Awarded Points.

Is anyone doing anything where that can be handled within the problem itself?

See the faculty question below:

"After emailing Bob Herrick, and having Bob get Gerd's feedback, it sounds like 
deducting points based on attempts would need to be done after an exam has been 
submitted.  I'm guessing there would need to be a spreadsheet with each 
students attempts and score for each problem that would need to be run through 
a formula to adjust their score (1 attempt and correct = 1 point, 2 attempts 
and correct = 0.5 points, more than 2 attempts or incorrect = 0 points).  I 
would prefer to have a way to assign conditional points automatically, but I 
don't know if this is something that would need to be coded into each problem 
or something that we would need to code into LON-CAPA somewhere else, or if 
there would be a way to do this with BlackBoard when the scores get 

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