I am having trouble rendering an algebraic expression with a summation sign 
(capital Sigma). I want an expression that looks like this, using variables for 
the numeric portions of the expression:
I am able to render the integration sign using this code:
$function = "$numer/$denom  [pi + int($sum_numer/($sum_denom_n_coeff n - 
$sum_denom_const),1,3)*sin($w nt)]";
...providing an expression that looks like this:

But when I try to render the summation sign using this code:
$function = "$numer/$denom  [pi + sum($sum_numer/($sum_denom_n_coeff n - 
$sum_denom_const),n,1,3)*sin($w nt)]";
...I get the following:

I have spent a couple of hours looking through the Maxima Manual and other 
references, as well as some examples I have found online, but have not been 
able to figure out the syntax for rendering the summation sign. Can anyone 
offer advice on how to do this?

Also, although not so important, if someone can tell me how to replace the 
outer parentheses with square brackets, and/or how to display the numeric part 
of the sine argument with commas (e.g., 90,000 vs 90000), I would really 
appreciate it.


Gene L. Harding, PE
Associate Professor of ECET
Purdue University-South Bend

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