Hi Friends,

Is there any way to style a true/false option response (checkbox) question?  I 
have a series of questions each with 15 short answers (letters A-O) so it would 
be convenient to do something like arrange them in three columns of five or 
five columns of three rather than 15 choices all vertically aligned down the 
page.  I would opt for a regular option response (drop-down) except some of 
these questions have two correct answers to be chosen, so I think I'm fairly 
limited to checkboxes.  While most elements in Lon-Capa are easily controlled 
with stylesheets, checkboxes seem to be an exception.  Styles applied around 
individual foils are lost, styles applied within a foil do not include the 
checkbox itself...  Any pro tips on this?  I know I can use custom or 
stringresponse and design my own but I was hoping to avoid that if possible.  


Douglas Mills
Director of Instructional Technology
Department of Chemistry
University of Illinois

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