Quoting Paul Makepeace ([EMAIL PROTECTED]):
> This is great, thanks! Is it possible to get it to do this *only* when
> the email is content-type: text/html; rather than displaying it instead
> of the text/plain in a multipart/alternative?
Yeah, you set it up in .muttrc :

auto_view text/html application/msword
alternative_order text/enriched text/plain text

set mailcap_path="~/.mutt-mailcap:~/.mailcap:/etc/mailcap"

My .mutt-mailcap looks like this :
# Try w3m first
text/html; cathtml.sh %s; copiousoutput

# Send html to a running netscape by remote
text/html;      netscape -remote 'openURL(%s)'; test=RunningNetscape

# Else use lynx to view it as text
text/html; lynx -dump %s; copiousoutput

text/*; cat %s ; copiousoutput

application/msword;      catdoc; copiousoutput
application/postscript; ps2ascii %s; copiousoutput
And loads more for images and stuff. Especially catdoc is a godsend. 

Oh, my cathml.sh looks like this :


eval `resize`;

w3m -T text/html -cols $COLUMNS -dump $1;

On the risk of offending the person who gets really tired of the
w3m-is-better meme, I prefer w3m because I get send so many tables in
html, they show up real nice.

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