On Fri, 8 Jun 2001, jo walsh wrote:

> gah, i feel old and sleepy

As does anyone who got home at 4am ;-)

> so nothing changes, but it was nice to realise that in the company of
> perlmongers.

Yey.  Thanks dave it was much fun, and I only inaproperatly fell asleep
three times... Interesting ride home in the minicab with the driver not
knowing where brick  lane or highbury corner was...and me much leafing
through his A-Z and attempting not to notice him getting flashed by speed

Now all I've got to do is actually get up, tear myself away from the three
tvs (showing breakfast, bbc text, sky news and gmtv) and internet
connection the gareth seems to have set my front room and get to work.

Thanks again Dave....was great.

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