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> >But I may be biased.
> Nah, they are nice. But you've been selective,

Of course, first step towards being a decent photographer is learning
to edit. When you're scanning off negatives and you don't have a bulk
scanner then you *have* to be selective. Life is too short.

> I'm assuming (unless you've just taken seven photos in your entire
> life) whereas I just upload all of my photos (except the ones in
> NY), so they're all available for ridicule.

I'd suggest building a page of 'favourites'. Just thinking about why
they are your favourites and what you did to make the image will
improve your general photography. Certainly my contacts sheets have
got generally better as I've taken more photographs and gone through
the editing process with them.

Not very perlish I'm afraid.

Piers Cawley

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