On Mon, Jun 11, 2001 at 11:26:39AM +0100, Nicholas Clark wrote:
> (If I understand the current requirements, you have to buy MacOS (from Apple)
> or Windows (from Microsoft) to run your free (no cost) browser)

IIUIC IE on MacOS lets you look at the site, but you can't do anything 
useful due to lack of certificates.  
> (Is it legal to be anticompetitive by encouraging a duopoly?)

Hardly a duopoly!  

Anyone see the Steve Bell cartoon in the Gaudrian: on Saturday: "Light 
conquers the forces of darkness" ... with the light in question shining 
from the arse of a fat cat with no noticable resemblance to anyone in 
> > > However, it's hardly the end of the world

It will be when you get the "Go to Jail" card because you haven't filled 
in your on-line tax return.  Best start shouting now.

> > No, but it is the start of the long slippery slope.  Which most of us
> > hope to avoid travelling down.
> I agree. It's the not the end of the world. Just the beginning of the end.


Why, when the sun is shining (almost) and there is a popular (?) govt.
do I feel like I did in early/mid 70's: like the end of the world was nigh?
Chris Benson
        -- "It ain't dark yet, but it's getting there."

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