This is the twenty-first weekly summary of the London Perl Mongers
mailing list. This is brought to you from yapc::NorthAmerica during
Brian Ingerson's "CPAN, PPM and the Future" talk. For the quiet week
starting 2001-06-04:

Don't forget the website for meetings etc. The next meeting
is an technical meeting on the 21st, and then a social meeting on
Thursday 5th July. Some pictures were taken of the last meeting:

Paul Makepeace posted some posting statistics for the list. Greg
posted stats. People gave thanks. People complained about the
noise *being* the signal (it's signal, Jim, but not as we know it):

Jonathan Stowe mentioned, the new UK government
portal wotsit, not working on any other platforms other than IE on
Windows. There followed a huge thread - basically, they're being
stupid and we should all complain to

Matthew Robinson asked about changing the default library paths in a
compiled copy of Perl. Iffy solutions: symbolic links, PERL5LIB, doing
a global replace. Best solution: get a compiler.

I wrote a blogging bot for the IRC channel on See what people have been talking about in the
past week and right now:

YAPC::Europe registration was announced:

Simon Wistow asked about a persistent Perl daemon (much like mod_perl)
but in a general case, keeping a bytecode cache and making programs
run faster in the long run. See ByteCache. There was some discussion,
but it's probably too much work for too little gain.

In other news: Microsoft SQL Server sucking (SQueaL), Sun Ultra
Enterprise 10000, google++, the Sony Clie being small and cute,
checking out pubs for the next meet, buffy, being
hacked (Catalog module apparently), 'back doors' in Linux,
obnoxious sigs: and a geeknic with an inflatable penguin:

Eh?, leon
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Iterative Software...........

... Have you seen Quasimoto? I have a hunch he's back!

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