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> * at 15/06 14:41 +0100 Greg McCarroll said:
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> > Ok, ignore this request now. Also thanks to Simon Wilcox. for helping me out 
> > here.
> > 
> > I also believe others are flying on this flight, so it looks like we have
> > the official flight for London.pm ;-) and thanks to Jouke we can claim
> > to have an official London.pm hotel - with minibars and minigolf
> somehow i just can't see "offical hotel of london.pm" being used in
> the marketing material...

"site of the 2001 mini golf riot"

may not go down well either, i'm not curious how much of the hotel
we can take up

will we get our own floor?

do we have enough airports to give us a private lan?


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