I was just playing around and wrote 

It is a very alpha-ish cgi script that simply compiles a 
Leader Board of known London.pm people (including those
who may be outside the UK but still in there heart are
London.pmers) and ranks them according to the number of 
modules attributed to them in 03modlist.data.gz.

!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS JUST A BIT OF FUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However if it does spur people to release the modules that
have been sitting on their hard disks for ages, so be it.
(Myself included).

I'll cleanup/optimize/add error checking tommorow. but 
i thought i'd let you see it tonight for fun and 
advance warning.

If i haven't got your CPAN id included in the list at the
bottom please email me off list, i just skipped through
the who's who very quickly getting a decent list of people
who looked london.pm-ish to test it.


Greg McCarroll                      

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