Paul Mison wrote:
> On 15/06/2001 at 09:17 +0100, Dean wrote:
> >Are there any plans for a group of London PMer's to fly over together
> >or is
> >the whole thing going to be ad hoc?
> Not yet, no. (Oh, and what are the cheapest flights from London City?
> Living in skanky East London's got to be good for *something*.)

I was hoping for a lovely cheap flight from London City to Amsterdam but
VLM (who I can get cheap flight from) only fly to Rotterdam :( 

There are flights to Amsterdam from there but they're about 120 quid :(

Will try and see if I can get cheapo flight through my contacts.

> Organising anything for once a year is enough. (Oh, did the
> pub evaluation sessions happen this week, or did I miss something?)

No, I was really busy last week. Will try and do them this week.

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