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I was going to stay quiet on this one (still don't know why I am now joining 

I am finding XSLT & XML to be a good alternative to normal templating 
techniques. One of the biggest benifits I've found is being able to generate 
the one data set and have it rendered in different ways for different 
applications. I presume this is possible in TT2. H::T has the drawback of 
only allowing substitutions for tags defined in the template. Changing the 
template to render say a reduced set of data typically involves changing 

I'm also free to choose my transformation platform, using something like 
XML::LibXML or Saxon on the server side, or just throwing it straight to the 
user and letting their browser take care of the rest.

Don't think DW jockeys will like the XSLT, but I'm fortunate in not having 
to deal with them.

My 0.02

(... trying desparately to avoid joining the XML bandwagon ...)
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