On Thu, 4 Jan 2001, Dave Cross wrote:
> It was pointed out this evening that I hadn't send out a reminder for
> the technical meeting which is in two weeks time (Jan 18th). We'll be
> holding it at State 51 and I'm hoping that Alex or Jo will post
> detailed directions.

walk out of the bagel shop, turn left, walk on and across the crossroads,
take the next left

[better instructions soon, but it takes up most of rhoda street, bethnal
green, nearest tubes are old street, shoreditch, liverpool street and
bethnal green, or closest of all, bus route number 8]

we have plenty space, but enough seating may be a problem.  if you have
back problems or so, let me know and i'll make sure you get somewhere nice
to sit.

what time should it start, dave?

> As always I'm looking for volunteers to speak at the meeting. If
> you've got anything really cool[1] to tell us about then please let me
> know.

i'd like to talk about organising sound with perl for 20 minutes

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