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>Greg McCarroll sent the following bits through the ether:

>> the only thing that gives potential for the marketing of a language
is the
>> projects that are achieved using it and java has a hell of a lot
more cool
>> projects than perl
>Yes. This is because Perl is not thought of as being a GUI
>language[1]. Discuss

Perls very good at GUI's, we've got bindings for TK, Gnome (A module
that I can't find the alpha code for...), GTK, GTK-Perl, Win32::GUI,
Qt-Perl and Qt...

Hang on maybe this is part of the problem... ;)

What is missing is a nice GUI drawing program like VB that writes out
perl code GUI's and calls perl code for events. Activestate's work on
making perl com components has done some inroads with this on Windows.
Has anyone tried Linux glade recently? Is it stable with perl yet?

I'm not advocating VB over perl but VB has its niche, its good for
drawing quick frontends for apps like small databases and similar.
Having a similar tool that allowed you to write all the call-backs in
perl while getting rid of the monotony of writing combo boxes would be
nice. Which is what I'm hoping glade will become.

When I'm forced into GUI's I end up using Tk because it'll normally
run under Windows and Linux.

Does anyone think that compilation is an issue with perls lack of user
space apps? Discuss[1].


[1] Yes we have become one with (void) Wheres arp.

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