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>Data point: the O'Reilly Perl/Tk book mysteriously jumped in the
>Amazon sales rankings lately.  It's been in the 100-300 range the
>few weeks.

Toilet paper must be scarce ;)

I dislike the Learning Perl/TK book and I'm waiting for the Manning
one which seems to have been delayed more times than the railtrack
service. Learning Perl/TK just seemed to be too much of a rehash of
the perldoc pages, a couple of complete sample applications in the
later half of the book would have been nice rather than wasting four
pages listing the options for a button, something thats both in the
docs and in the much better purchase Perl/Tk pocket reference (Which
has all the options but takes a lot less time to read and reference.)

There were no nice self-contained applications that showed all the
basic details that you build from for your own use, the book just
seemed like a selection of unconnected option lists. Simon Cozen's
articles are a much better read and learning point and Learning
Perl/TK should be used as an off-line reference if its used at all.

Then again I've never written a book so what do I know :)


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