* Robert Shiels ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Visibility is the key, how many of your clueless cowworkers have heard of
> Visual Basic, or Visual C++, but couldn't even tell the difference between
> them let alone use them. I've never met a non-programmer who has heard of
> Perl.
> Maybe we need major websites (Blackstar!) to display "Powered by Perl"
> logos, or mention perl in their weekly email to subscribers. The Damian
> Conway funding story is certainly newsworthy, has anyone aproached a TV
> station to make a documentary about his year.
> Once the unwashed masses know the word perl, that's half the battle won.

yup, this was pretty much what was going on in the back of my brain, but
i tried to disguise it with the one liner to see what people thought.

i get the feeling perl needs to better sold and not just the language,
CPAN or the user groups

it needs perl certification and online open training in best practices 

maybe CD images that contain things like the apache/mod_perl/other stuff 
application server that was discussed or some form of perl install with a 
basic IDE using emacs and some of the visual debuggers

i know this is old ground and its all been said before in n different
forums, but i've just got it rammed up my ass at the minute (i just
made up that expression, don't ask me to explain it) 

has www.pdn.org gone yet? (perl developer network), yup of course it
has ... sigh

-- greg

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