On or about Mon, Jan 08, 2001 at 09:02:20AM -0500, Mark Rogaski typed:
>An entity claiming to be Roger Burton West ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>: So really it's Pascal all over again - if you only teach them one
>: language, it's what they'll always use. If you teach them two,
>: they may just possibly see the similarities and start to generalise
>: to the class of "programming languages in general"...
>So, you learned with Perl, eh?

I had the massive advantage of not being _taught_ any language. With the
home computers I started on, the language they came with was what you got;
later on, I had a choice of languages, but by then I'd already met several
varieties of BASIC, BCPL and other things, so the idea of "the language
that is best for job A may not be best for job B" had already sunk in.

>Programmers, by nature, tend to be able to
>learn new languages when necessary.

Good ones, yes. I have worked with far too many people who only program
in Java because it's the only language they know; and their experience
of "learning a language" is being taught it at length, so the idea that
they could pick up another one in a few days is deeply scary to them.


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