> Tk.  Seems a lot more simple that Java or GTK stuff to do.  Sure, infinite
> themeability is all very nice and all, but most of the time I just want to
> do something really quickly.

One of the reasons that I use Gtk and not Tk (or glade for that matter)
is that some of my applications require re-parenting and recreation
of widgets.

Tk doesn't feel OO enough for me to be happy.  To create one widget you
execute a method on its parent.  I'm not really comfortable with that

Glade is really really sweet and really really good for simple Gtk apps.
When you need to do something a bit cleverer and need to reparent widgets
or get to the guts it can't offer the same flexibility as working direct
in code.

I do use Glade extensivly[sp] for prototyping my X applications and using
it to design my widget packing.


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