I've been reading this discussion with interest[1], as we are in just that
process of deciding how best to develop 'web solutions' fast enough for
clients, bless their sweet hearts, and whether Java or Perl is the best
'tool' for the job. My personal feelings echo sentiments expressed earlier
in that Perl tends not to be taught, it's learnt by people who need it to
provide a solution to a particular solution, whereas Java is formally taught
and is then used to provide solutions whether or not it is the right tool or

I'm still fairly new to Perl, and even newer to Java so I'm probably not the
best judge, but you have on one hand a proprietary language intensively
promoted by a large IT corporation, and on the other a 'free' language
promoted by the people who use it and find it infinitely useful. In this
arena Perl is always going to appear a non-commercial, or non-enterprise
solution where we have a whole IT infrastructure purchased by middle
management who have a sketchy understanding of programming technology and
who, on the whole, have been formally taught.

However, does this mean that Perl has to become a 'commercial' application
to compete? When you consider the spread and use of Perl has without formal
commercial support I don't think so.

Jon Galliers
Design Net

[1]and thinking I should contribute something to this list, even if it is an
incoherent ramble, and vowing that I'll make more effort to get to the next

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