From: Peter Corlett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: 11 January 2001 13:12

> In article <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> you write:
> >> Nah, mailman on penderel - you know you want to! ;-)
> > Yeah, we want our own mailing list server.
> Mmph, it's not that hard to install Majordomo is it? If need 
> be, just give me the root password and I'll go and set it up...

We've had this discussion before (maybe in irc or in the pub) and decided
that installing Majordomo would be a bad idea. I thought we'd decided on
mailman as it seems to be the best MLM out there. Yes it's written in
Python, but there's plenty of other software on the box which isn't written
in Perl...

...and besides, there's a rumour that Andy Wardley has a hacked version of
mailman that doesn't have the 'Powered by Python' logos :)



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