From: Andy Wardley <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: 11 January 2001 13:57

> Is anyone here responsible for, or know
> someone who is?

I used to hang around with the MTCP groupies, but haven't spoken to any of
them for some time. You might get more information from the
slightly-more-official <> or the mailing list

> It's really only a matter of curiosity[1].  I was drawn there after
> last night's Mark Thomas Product on Channel 4 and noticed a cryptic
> Perl 3 liner (which I couldn't get to work) prominently placed on a
> front page.
> Some time later on the same site I came across a reference to Mark
> being a "Meeja Hor" and it rung a bell.

The Mark Thomas usage came first. A couple of years ago, he wore t-shirts
with weird slogans on for each show. A couple of them were 'Meeja Hor' and
'Mor Hor'. The first was obviously ripe for appropriation and lengthening (a
kind of "Embrace and Extend").
> [1] Although I would like to suggest a version of the site that
>     doesn't require various plugins.

And, especially, a version that _doesn't_ insist on playing horrible midi
files at you on every page :(



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