On Fri, 12 Jan 2001, Greg McCarroll wrote:
> what about the actual mechanics of putting rope together? i'm assuming
> we'd create a /usr/local/Rope, build the latest stable perl in there,
> then configure apache for mod_perl etc and install it under there as 
> well, the the other modules.

A directory structure that is documented and standardised accross
platforms would make life a little easier.
> finally is it enough to simply tar.gz /usr/local/Rope and tag it
> with the architecture details

we need *secure* skeleton / sample applications (preferably configureed
during installation or optionally not installed rather than use out of the
box p/words and users like every CMS on the market ).

> we would probably need some final install program to be run, that
> would handle the local details of the system - such as what user
> to run apache as

Configuration. Decent configuration to cope with multiple virtual domains,
specifying paths ffor core handlers, etc.

Also good guide and documentation. So that A moderately good developer
(not necessarily perl) can get the package and get started without
spending 100 quid on ora books. (of course they ought to do that anyway
but they shouldn't need to).


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