From: "Nathan Torkington" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> We're planning a London Open Source Convention.  The dates we're
> looking hard at now are August 20-23.  Are there any obvious clashes
> that you can think of?

You mean apart from the traditional British summer hols[1]? August is, in
some quarters at least, considered a non-month for the purposes of all sorts
of events - possibly even for an Open Source Convention :-)

Having said that, most London PM types aren't constrained by the likes of
school-age children, so will probably take holidays at better value times of

In case it's of interest, Monday, August, 27th, 2001 is the summer bank
holiday (i.e. a public holiday) this year, at least according to



[1] What with us having such long vacations over here and all.

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