>David Cantrell writes:
>>  Linuxbierwanderung 2001.  To be held in Belgium but with a large UK
>>  contingent.  Date to be confirmed within the next couple of weeks, but
>>  will almost certainly be a week somewhere between 19 Aug and 8 Sept.  It
>>  would be *really* great - especially for intercontinental visitors - if
>>  your con could be immediately before or after the LBW.
>The Amsterdam YAPC folks have a bunch of venues they're looking at,
>but only some have given them specific dates they're free.  The only
>dates they've been told about are for the week before the London
>OScon.  I hope the L16G 2001 doesn't clash with either.
>As I said, though, we're REALLY worried about Europeans being on
>vacation and unable to attend.  We don't know much about the
>mysterious habits of this strange and noble race, and would appreciate
>your guesses as to their actions: will our attendance be buggered[1]
>because those on the Continong will be sunning their lily-white
>bottoms in the south of France instead of getting lilier-white by
>hanging out with other open source geeks?[2]
Well I know Belgium effectively closes for a month but I can't 
remember if it's July or August (never _ever_ have a product that you 
can't meet demand for only produced in one place in the world and 
that being Belgium! It makes for a fun life, NOT! :-) ) and Paris 
does effectively shut down for a couple of weeks in August (Parisians 
go to the coast for their hols), so there is some precedent for 
saying Europe effectively shuts down for August.

I'm with Dave on the whole don't hold it in the UK thing, if I'm off 
to a conference I'd rather it was somewhere away from home. I'd have 
said The Netherlands but YAPC::Europe's bagged that one.

Was the choice of the UK because of possible language barriers?


Neil C. Ford

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