Dave Cross wrote:
> Well, according to <http://80s.koreamusic.net/billboard/1983.html>
> it made number one for one week on 3rd Sept 1983.

Number ones on this day ..

5 years ago ..  Michael Jackson - 'Earth Song'
10          .. Iron Maiden - 'Take your daughter to the slaughter'
15          .. Pet Shop Boys  - ' West End Girls'
20          .. John Lennon - 'Imagine'
24          .. Queen - 'Bohemian Rapsody'

other people with birthdays on this day include Paul Young, Susanna
Hoffs (of the Bangles), Andy Rourke (bassist with the Smiths), Joan
Colins, Al Capone, Anne Bronte, Nevil Shute, Kid Rocks, Shabba Ranks,
Eartha Kitt, Ben Franklin and Muhammed Ali.

In 1946 the United Nations Security Council held its first meeting but
the Gulf War started today in 1991

On Jan 17th in 1995 ther San Fransico earthquake caused 20 billion
dollars of damage and exactly a year later more than 6000 people were
killed because of an earth quake in Kobe, Japan.

In 1997 a court in Ireland granted the first divorce in the Roman
Catholic country's history. 

Not that I have any special interest in today. Sure are a lot of earth
quakes though.

[barely able to focus on screen : liquid lunch++]

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