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> From: "Robin Houston" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> > Aww c'mon! RedHat was obviously targeted because it's the most
> > widely used! None of the vulnerable software was written by RH
> > (and all of it was also included in other distros).
> That's true -- but how easy is RH to upgrade/patch? And why is RH7 shipping
> with all these services turned on? (NFS? rpc.*? Hello?) Perhaps *that's* why
> it's a steaming pile of crap getting hacked the whole time.

RH is incredibly easy to upgrade with RPM one liners.  There is a
single web page of current security issues if people bothered to read
it they wouldn't get hacked.

RH7 ships with so many services turned on because Redhat marketing
think offering more services by default is popular with customers.
Longer feature list equal better in this world.

Don't blame the distribution (they are all equivalent anyway) blame
the lack of decent sysadmins.

RH/Slackware/Debian/Solaris/FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD are all fine
systems but they need to be setup by someone who knows what they are
doing in the same way that Perl has to be written by clueful

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