>A quick reminder of something I mentioned last night.
>The hardware spec for penderel (our server) is starting to show its age
>(I don't know exactly what the specs are, but the box is at least 18
>months old).
>There are also a number of people who have expressed an interest in
>joining the exclusive club of people who have accounts on the server.
>The suggestion is, therefore, that we set up a hardware upgrade fund to
>buy new bits for the server. Contributions would be set at £50 and
>anyone contributing would gain the same rights on the box as the
>origianl contributors.
>I'm therefore looking for a volunteer to organise this. The organiser
>would, of course, be given a free login on the server.
>Anyone fancy it?

As a comparison, here's the spec of Ourshack.com (which houses 
Template Toolkit amongst other projects). I don't think anyone's 
complained about performance just yet.

        Pentium II 233MMX
        320MB RAM (this we have upgraded)
        14GB HD

Box is running Apache, Roxen, MySQL and all the regular stuff (named, 
mail, mailman), never seems to be heavily loaded.

So you might be quite surprised how little you need to add. The 
biggest expense may be some kind of backup device.


Neil C. Ford

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