>When I got home last night there were two big boxes from Dell waiting
>in the middle of the lounge. This is my new 1400 Mhz Pentium IV,
>256 Mb Turbo Bastard Nutter machine.
>One of the (many) advantages of having a new box is that I'll be able
>to do a completely fresh Linux install for the first time for many
>years. My current box has been upgraded thru every version of Red Hat
>since (I think) 4.1 to its current 7.0.
>I could, of course, take the easy route and whack RH7 on it, but this
>may be my best chance for some years to _easily_ switch distros.
>So I'm looking for advice on the best distro to use. Bear in mind that
>the existing box will currently become a firewall/proxy box so I'll
>do all the paranoid security stuff on there.
>Go for it. Give it your best shot.
>Let battle commence.

Well following recent discussions brought about by Jo's laptop 
purchase, I'd say the favour list goes something like this;

Slackware / SuSE
a deadrat derivitive (if you must)

No-one ever seems to mention TurboLinux or any of the minor distributions.

Of course I would strongly suggest investigating a BSD :-)

Neil C. Ford

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