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> >I did a little pair programming at emap - I probably wasn't doing it
> right
> >tho'. even so we did get thru the hard bits quicker and could split
> up to
> >do the easy stuff. I think it made a difference but then I was mostly
> >being a backseat coder so either we did okay or stuart was very
> tolerant
> >indeed.
> How did you establish who would make good pairings? Was it done by
> trying to place two equals or was it done more on a mentoring level of
> a very experienced coder and a less experienced one? (I've not read
> that much on XP)

The latter. You mix skills. And the second isn't idle. He's coding up
the test cases.

> Is the Monday night meeting still on for those of us who can't make
> the lunch time one?

Oh, yes.

Leon, are you acting as scribe?

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