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> >potential london clients will be put off dealing with a company not in london
> >
> Seeing as this was about TPC, interesting subject change :-)

apologise for that i've rejoined (void) and once again regard all mailing lists
as one big holistic stream ;-)

> Interesting question. I have both men to thank for an awful lot (the 
> Apple II got me into computing, the mac is by far my most favourite 
> machine) and whilst I would quite like to meet both, Woz is 
> definitely the man I identify with most.

i had an Apple II, never a Mac. I intend to get an iMac soon as a second
desktop machine for playing DVD's[1] and writing. the only problem i have
is justifying the purchase of Mac Ms-Office.

i am just finishing a book - ``infinite loop'', about the rise and fall
and rise of apple, good book but a little dull during the sculley era.
i guess i am more like jobs, but i am also aware he is the more flawed
of the two. 


[1] and if i'm going to watch DVD's on a mac, i'm definetly going to
have to get Toy Story

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