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> > Mandrake 7.2.
> All I'll say about mandrake is that we have a mandrake box at work and
> when you run printtool the cdrom ejects.

I've been running Mandrake for a while (2 years?) now .. and it seems
fine, its Dedrat  really with the KDE desktop and a things added by the
French .. but it generally installs straight out of the tin, has a choice
of security settings for the paranoid etc. 

I never did find out what caused the pesky security checks to run at
midnight when I was always trying to use the damm thing ... so got rid of
the script and run tripwire from crontab once a day at a more useful

'part from that its just fine.   

I run Dedrat 7.0 on my server at mailbox and having turned off all the
dangeroos stuff and set up the IPCHAINS and put SSH on it its been
totally reliable and unhacked. 

Robin Szemeti

The box said "requires windows 95 or better"
So I installed Linux!

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