On Sun, 21 Jan 2001, you wrote:

> > how do you get the process() method to return the output to you instead of
> > printing the damn thing.??? 
> Obviously didn't read the bit about the process method eh?

> You'd be wanting the string ref as above, matie.

ooh ta .. now where was that hiding ..???...  I hate it when that happens

ohh found it .. bottom of Template.3


so while I'm on .. what is wisdom on this then .. my method was going to
be  write all the data extraction from the db in plain Perl, whenever I
need to do anyting html make sure thats in a template and call that from
the main proggy, so in theory all the structure is defined by the
templates .. however obvioulsy the structure will also depend on the perl
code so is it better to write subs and then call them from templates so
templates define the structure too, I REALLY want to avoid the putting
code into the templates and using the various [% FOREACH ...%] cos thats
just as bad as putting html inline innit?

Robin Szemeti

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So I installed Linux!

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