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> On Sun, Jan 21, 2001 at 09:05:43PM +0000, Michael Stevens wrote:
> > Ok, it's trolling a bit, but their main use seems to be where
> > you don't want to bother to do proper nonblocking IO...
> <quick web search>
> They're apparently faster. And make it easier to share data.

aside from the whole LWP aspect, i think the main appeal is they are
a defined art - unlike the matre'd/minicab controller element of 
forked process management

we really want standardisation of technology interfaces in the industry,
and threads go a little towards that - oh and a law that alows be to
go around and shooting people who work in IT and i deep unworthy[1].


[1] i'm willing to limit this law to semi-automatic weapons - i'm that

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