On Sun, 21 Jan 2001, Roger Burton West wrote:

> On Sun, Jan 21, 2001 at 08:37:02PM +0000, Kieran Barry wrote:
> >Yup. There isn't enough talent around, so people get promoted beyond
> >their competence. If you train your people they'll only leave.
> >
> >The only way out of that cycle is to train in-house,
> >and treat people so well that they stay.
> Which implies that hassling them if they don't work 70-hour weeks is
> counterproductive. When I was looking for my current job, it took me
> a week from starting to search to getting two decent offers; so I know
> there's demand for people who can do what I do. 

<beat type = "dead horse">
On that subject my last 2 and my new employer all made an offer within 24
hours. Even allowing a couple of days to think about it and go through the
contract and stuff this leaves most of the rest without even contacting

If I wanted a perl or c coder I would ensure 
a) the money was there and the board were prepered to stump up the cash.
b) the project that the programmers is needed on will last at least 6
months and that there are in house developers who can tutor.
c) A planned package and contract are already templated out and only teh
person and the salary need to be decided.
d) During the interview I put at least as much work into it as the
applicant, If  I know what I what I want and how the company works and can
talk about with ease because I have prepered I am more likely to get the
right information out of teh applicant. If I intimidate the applicant or
show off (certain webserver company) I don't find out enough about the
applicant to make a sound judgement. If I don't ask enough questions or
rely on the applicant to sell themselves then I won't be able to make a
good decision.
e) I keep in contact with all applicants during the whole process -
ackowledge applications quickly, inform applicants quickly of the results
and give feedback for all applicants who were interviewed.

of course that is a lot to ask but all the companies I have worked for
have managed most of if not all. And of course you can always rely on the
board to screw the first two up despite how much you try.


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