On Jan 21,  1:20pm, Greg McCarroll wrote:
> potential london clients will be put off dealing with a company
> not in london

Surely you jest, sir!

What about the M3/M4 corridor, otherwise known as "Silicon Alley"?
What about places like Stockley Park (next to Heathrow), or the
Surrey Research Park (where we're based, just a few doors down from
Red Hat UK), just to name two off the top of my head?

Are all those huge IT companies based in places like Bracknell (archetypal
Silicon Alley town, but butt ugly), like Oracle, ICL/Fujitsu, Informix,
etc., etc., not doing business with anyone else because they're not based
in London?  I think not.

Anyway, the solution is simple.  We have a London office and a Guildford
office.  The former is convenient for people in London, the latter
convenient for both airports, M3, M4, M25, Brighton, and me! :-)=

We give everyone a nice laptop and have desks with monitors, keyboards
and telephones in the offices.  They can work in one or other place,
depending on where they are, what they're doing and/or who they're
currently working with in terms of team members and/or clients.


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