a friend asked me to pass this on, it seems interesting.
(symbian looking for 1 junior 1 senior perm perl bods)
in a parallel world where i have cft, this has gone in the jobs
database. um.


The contact details are:

Dave Jobling
Manager, Tools and Processes Team
System Documentation
Switchboard: +44 (0)20 7563 2000
Desk:               +44 (0)20 7563 2842
Mobile:            +44 07747 065564
Email:               [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Job title: 2x Build and Tools Software Engineer, reporting to me as team
leader within the SysDoc group.  (1 junior, 1 senior; both permanent.)

Location: Central London (nearest tube station: Edgeware Road).

Broad content of the role:

The System Documentation Group is responsible for producing and maintaining
documentation targetted at developers working with the Symbian software
platform. The resulting Developer Library documentation is released as part
of the Software Development Kits (SDKs) that are used by Symbian licensees,
partners, third party developers and in-house software engineers.

Within the System Documentation Group, the Tools and Processes Team is
responsible for the development and maintenance of a tool chain to support
the documentation production process. The technology areas supported by the
team include XML and HTML, source control and configuration management,
builds, testing, system and product integration and product release. Tools
are typically engineered using Perl.

Key tasks:

* support, maintain and extend document building tool chain and processes

* evolve the design and structure of the documentation component of Symbian

* identify process improvements

* create and maintain process documentation

Essential qualifications:

* experience of Perl development in a commercial environment (scaled
according to role sought)

* problem-solver, team player, adaptable and flexible, suited to working
under pressure, attention to detail, good communicator

Desired qualifications:

* for the senior role, education to software engineering (or similar)
degree; for the junior role, degree in an IT-related subject

* knowledge of XML/HTML

* knowledge of (not necessarily direct involvement in) C++ development in a
commercial environment

* knowledge of software development methodologies, software integration and



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