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> Pretty much !
> Having started the web site project here without much knowledge of developing
> websites (having mostly been doing corporate network support before that) I
> allowed the designer to choose the tools. I chose apache/mod_perl for the
> backend because I wanted to learn more about perl & apache. Perhaps not the best
> rationale but hey, it's my project :-)
> We now have a site with lots of html files full of dreamweaver tags which are
> very easy to mess up with a text editor so we tend to stick to DW and keep the
> hand editing to a minimum.
> Having learned LOTS in the last year, we are planning to rebuild the site to
> separate the templates from the content because content management is becoming a
> pain. Naturally we will be doing this with perl.
> So - Dreamweaver is a good gui editor but it generates files which are difficult
> to maintain. It is good for those who are not technically minded but probably
> not the best choice if you have technical skills available.
> We will ditch DW in the new version of the site.

I think there's a lot of potential for manipulating dreamweaver's markup
and file structures from perl. I've been able to write CGI scripts
that do stuff like. 

print STDOUT get_library_component('componentname');

and fetch and include stuff from dreamweaver at the appropriate place.

I think there's a lot of potential in this sort of approach but I've not
heard of anyone exploiting it.


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