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> On Thu, Jan 25, 2001 at 09:14:08PM +0000, Leon Brocard wrote:
> >   o grow up
> Hey! No need to get defensive till you lose the vote :-)

i vote for no vote, keep things as they are

if people object to their views being public, don't post them in what
is a public forum - if this is still a problem, then the question should
be should london.pm become a private forum, with people being added after
a vote - this smells fishy to me ;-) ;-) ;-) [1]

personally, the day london.pm becomes a private, invite only forum, i'll
be off to london-public.pm's mailing list (this may make london.pm even 
more popular for those sensitive to signal/noise) - as for google knowing 
too much about you, welcome too 1984+17

i saw a good post today on abou, someone was complaigning that the older
sci-fi books were crap because they were too close to reality (they
didn't realise the significance of this and so were flamed, the flame
got to abou)

grep - i was called this by a non-london.pmer recently

[1] you++ to anyone who gets the joke apart from stevem

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