On Thu, 25 Jan 2001, Leon Brocard wrote:

> Robin Houston sent the following bits through the ether:
> > - This is a public list. Anyone can subscribe using an advertised
> >   address.
> This is the key point. It is a public list. If you don't like the idea
> that your potential employers or employees could read everything you
> write then:
>   o grow up
>   o conversations in the pub are not the same as a mailing list
>   o people are leaky in real life - it pays to be honest all the time
> I'm proud of everything google finds out about me. Why shouldn't you
> be?
I go trawling search engines to see what they turn up about me also.
It's fun.


It isn't a question of google finding out about you: it is about how
much information you want made available to complete strangers. How
would you feel if a member of this list was sacked because someone
accessed an archive and noticed a post during work hours?

Bear in mind, we are living with Big Brother now.



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