I'd be failing in my duty as group leader if I didn't pass on this
announcement from the Perl Mongers Group Leaders mailing list :)


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Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 15:25:55 -0500
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Subject: free copy of data munging with perl

this is forwarded from manning and they are offering each pm group a
free copy of data munging with perl by dave cross.


New Book Announcement: Data Munging with Perl by David Cross

January 18, 2001

This message is being sent to you as a representative of a Perl Mongers
group. To learn more about one of Manning's newest Perl books and to find
out how to get a complimentary copy for your group, please read the
following announcement.

Manning Publications Co. announces the release of Data Munging with Perl.
The ebook edition is available now exclusively from the publisher's web
site, www.manning.com/cross. The print edition will be available later in
this month.

The transformation of data from one format to another, colloquially
"munging," is one of the most common programmer tasks. This new Manning book
examines this important process in detail and shows how well suited Perl is
for these tasks. Although aspects of data munging are much discussed online
within the Perl community, this is the first Perl book entirely focused on

The book covers appropriate methods for reading and writing various data
formats, from unstructured text files through record based file formats and
binary data, to highly structured formats like HTML and XML. XML is fast
becoming one of the most frequently seen data formats and this book is the
first to cover XML processing with Perl in some depth. The book culminates
with techniques for building parsers that will handle any file format you
are likely to need. If you are a programmer who munges data, this book will
save you time. It will teach you systematic and powerful techniques using

What's inside:
~ Using CPAN modules like Number::Format, Date::Manip, Text::CSV_XS
~ Making your code concise using Perl's special variables (like $/, $"
  and $_) 
~ Building data parsers using Parse::RecDescent ~ Processing of

For a closer look at Data Munging with Perl, Manning offers components of
the book online: the Table of Contents, two sample chapters, the Index,
source code and direct access to the author's expertise via the Author
Online discussion forum. . Even those who do not own the book can tap into
these features. Just go to www.manning.com/cross.

Dave Cross is the owner and Managing Director of Magnum Solutions Ltd., an
Internet and database consultancy based in London. He has 12 years'
experience working in the IT industry. He is an active member of the Perl
community, the founder of the London Perl Mongers, and is a regular
columnist for Perlmonth, the online Perl magazine.

Manning actively supports user groups by donating complementary copies of
our books for presentation at meetings, for raffle prizes and for group
libraries. For a copy of this book, please email your request to Helen
Trimes at [EMAIL PROTECTED] Please include the book title, format (print or
ebook), your name, the user group's name and your shipping address.

As a small but growing computer book publisher, we appreciate the value of
word of mouth. You can help by posting book reviews on a mailing list, on a
Web site, in a magazine or ezine, on a newsgroup or at an online bookstore.
Manning is committed to supporting the Perl community and we appreciate your
interest in Manning books. Please inquire about author speaking engagements
at user group meetings by contacting [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Manning ebooks, downloaded in pdf format, contain the complete text and
illustrations of the printed edition, plus a linked index and bookmarks to
every entry in the Table of Contents. To order Data Munging with Perl, ebook
edition, go to the publisher's Web site
http://www.manning.com/cross/ebook.html. At $13.50, it is a considerable
saving off the printed edition. As an added perk, buyers of the ebook who
later decide to purchase the print edition will receive a $13.50 discount.
That is like getting the ebook free. To take advantage of this offer, you
must order both editions from the Manning site.

Data Munging with Perl, ebook edition is available now in PDF format. Watch
for the release of Data Munging with Perl, print edition at an introductory
discount of 20% off at the publisher's Web site later this month.
Information on telephone and FAX orders is also available at the site, but
the 20% discount applies *only* to online orders of the printed version of
this book.

Manning print editions are available from the publisher's Web site and
everywhere that technical books are sold. Manning ebook editions are sold
exclusively through the publisher's Web site.

Data Munging with Perl
By David Cross
ISBN 1930110-006

Ebook Edition: PDF format, 2 MB, $13.50
Print edition: Softbound, 304 pages, $36.95

Helen Trimes
Manning Publications Co. www.manning.com

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