This is my two pence worth:

 1. I stand by everything I've ever said on the the list.  If I didn't
    mean it I wouldn't have said it.

 2. However, I can see problems with people taking things I've said out of
    context.  Pah, so be it.  This is the problem with the world.

 3. If I wanted to say something in private, I'd do it off list.  Or on
    irc.  Or on one of the private lists I'm a member of.

 4. However, it is apparent that certain people (read headhunters) are
    reading this list and taking advantage of it (using my phone number.)

 5. As far as stuff getting back to my employer, well my employer has
    benefited from me being on list something chronic.  The knowledge I've
    gained, amongst other things, has been highly useful.  P.S. I'm late
    for work.  Daryl, if you're reading this then I owe you an extra hour

So in conclusion, I'm for an open list.  But I don't care enough to object
either way.  <joke> I think the real question should be, do we munge
reply-tos or not </joke>



P.S. Oi, recruiters.  I'm happy where I work.  Ta.

1984: These are my personal opinions, and do not represent my employer.
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