Dave Hodgkinson wrote:
> Robin Houston <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > (Sadly I no longer have shell access to any four-processor Sun
> > machines to confirm this.)
> Which reminds me.
> How in gods name do Sun get away with charging so much for stuff?
> We've erm, "acquired" an enterprise 420. this box has 2 CPUs, 4G or
> RAM and about 80G of disk. For the same money I could build a clutster
> of what, 30 linux boxes? Don't tell me programmer time has got that
> expensive? Or that thinking about what you're doing stopped happening?
> If it's good enough for Google...
> Help me out here!

It is good kit (and alot of it is rebadged stuff - with nice blue / gray
boxes and Sun stickers).

But it's also a marketing thing .... I know tow clients whom purchased
15k of sun kit each, and in either case a good Linux / Free|OpenBSD box
would have done the same.

The only time I recommend sun is when you need a bigger box than a twin
Pentium machine - and even then I mentions Alpha's (as I think they as
just as good a Sun's for the_just_above_intel market).

Also a a final Sun rant, sometime's it hard to scale / cluster stuff i.e
a RDBMS system is not a simple thing to cluster - and buying a bigger
box is the less of two evils.

Well that's a rant over first thing on Friday !


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