You're right I think it probably would make a good topic to TPC5.  Just need
the time to write it.  The patch has not yet made it into the main wvWare
distribution although some of mine have.  wvWare itself is extremely stable
and I have not found any problems with wvWare.  I am currently looking at
other languages French / Portuguese etc.  wvWare has got much better over
the last few months and many of the issues that I had with have now gone
away.  But in the tidy ups of the core some of my patches will need
re-implementing.  But I am looking at this at the moment.  So when (if?) we
get a stable base and my patched work then I'll submit them.


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>  Matthews Simon sent the following bits through the ether:
>  > Our solution to this has been to write some perl
>  > code to convert Word documents (marketers tool of choice) into
>  > Template::Toolkit templates that we use internally.
>  IIRC, you had patched wvware to output XML. Has this patch made it
>  into the main wvware distribution, and if not why not? ;-) Have you
>  found wvware stable enough to do this properly everytime, or do you
>  force your users to use standard templates?
>  Leon
>  ps would make a good talk for tpc ;-)
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