> Leon brought up the matter of conversations in pubs. There's no reason why
> someone coulnd't hire a sleuth to turn up to the london.pm meeting posing
> a new member and get them to find out who's saying what. But that's a big
> leap to take, and not an argument for saying that all conversations in
> should be considered public knowledge just because that's a technical
> possibiltity.
If you were chatting to someone in the pub, and he was recording the
conversation so that he could publish it on his webpage the next morning,
what would you do?

I think this is similar to having what you say on a mailing list available
from google. I don't care if people overhear me in the pub, or if they track
down my friends later and ask them what I was saying. This is similar to
people joining the list, or reading the archive. But I'd feel bad if people
could do a random search and find my posts to the list.

I never say anything I wouldn't stand by on any list, but as the search
engines get better, more people than I'd like will have access to what I
say. How many of you who have discussed drug use would like their
parents/children reading that you were a complete pothead at university :-)

So I'm all for the (void) approach.
we have an archive
it's accessable by a simple username/password.


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