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> > On RedHat I can do something like 'rpm -e sendmail' to clean up before
> > installing qmail and, alas, I can't do this on OpenBSD (although there
> > has been talk of extending the binary packages to include the base
> > OS).
> If you install the postfix package, you get a script which switches your
> system mailer between postfix and sendmail.  Much nicer than "rpm -e",
> because if you then don't get on with postfix, just run postfix-disable
> and you get sendmail back.

I don't want to have to install another MTA in order to remove the
existing one, what if I don't want one installed at all?

I would rather have a single line command able to remove any arbitary
package of system files (like the supplied Perl to replace by your
own?) than what you describe, which isn't a general solution to this
problem but rather a feature of one program.

IMO a proper binary package manager is still nicer because it also
allows you to easily list and verify each file in the bundle against a
checksum database.

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